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Taking the insecurities out of Waxing hair removal
one Pum Pum at a time

Ride the Wax Wave

Here at Tropix Gal, we are dedicated in creating a safe  space for clients focusing on taking care of any hair removal needs as quick and painless as possible ! 

Hair removal is great for the clients who struggle with irritation, ingrowns and scarring. With the right wax and aftercare we can educate you on taking care of your skin concerns 

Waxing can be an intimidating service, as waxing experts we focus on taking care of any hair removal needs for ANY ONE creating a safe and comfortable environment 

Many clients appreciate a meticulous wax, taking out the insecurities and discomfort of the service itself is our main goal. With high quality products and refined techniques to achieve the best results and the best removal experience

For some, Waxing is a necessity not a luxury, so the dedication to having a client walk out restoring their confidence in their bare skin and ready to take on the world

Hair Removal Options

Hard Wax

An incredible hair removal technique that we use for sensitive areas such as underarms and brazilians. We use a hypoallergenic wax that is cruelty free and vegan. 


An all natural hair removal method with sugar, lemon juice and lemon. Hair will become thinner over a period of time and skin will become lighter from past ingrowns or hyperpigmentation. Great for curly, course hair and more sensitive skin types. 

Meet our Team


With over 12 year’s experience, Katrina had had continuous training within Esthetics from Medical, Traditional, Traveling and Educating.

Five years into her career she figured out her passion was hair removal. It was quick, consistent and help women feel better.While working in Ottawa, she noticed a huge gap in the market. Ottawa was lacking diversity.

Katrina focuses on hair removal needs for all Queens from all different backgrounds. 

Katrina can guarantee no matter what hair and skin type you have, she has the wax or sugar for it to achieve the results clients desire. Her priority in this industry is to be diverse, sustainable, and to support other local business.  


Tia found her passion in esthetics two years ago then recently studied and graduated at Algonquin College which is when she realized her love and satisfaction of the hair removal process.

She continues to educate herself and her passion shows through her work challenging herself everyday.

She is our BROZILIAN QUEEN taking out the anxiety and discomfort for first timers 

Tia welcomes all genders and skin types and ensures everyone will have a positive, comfortable and safe experience in her treatment room.

How it works ?

Client Testimonial

After consuming her tiktok feed @Tropixgal for a while I decided to jump in and see what she was all about. Fantastic service and she’s so professional and fun and welcoming. She knows what she’s doing and takes care and pride in her work. Very clean at home studio…high quality product and lots of options. Highly recommended.

-Wendy M.

Ok first off !!! This QUEEN will make you seriously forget that you’re even getting waxed. Katrina is hands down my go to , I would recommend her services to anyone in and outside the city. She uses hypoallergenic products and waxing is not the only service she offers – I’ve had the BRYGHT Treatments with her as well and WOW – what a difference.

If you’re thinking about finding your forever esthetician- stop right here and book an appointment with Katrina

– Addy V.

It was my first time getting a Brazilian done and I felt comfortable from the get go! Tia is so nice and work very quickly  🙂I will be coming back to see her (and maybe you one day who knows haha) for sure!

– Andreanne O.

After Care Products

Nude Oil 

Made from the highest quality of natural oils to ensure a soft and luxurious feeling on your skin. Nude is our best seller ! Adding Nude Oil to your daily skincare routine will quickly soften your skin and hair found in your most sensitive areas, relieve redness after shaving or waxing, and improve the look of ingrown hairs, razor burn, and bumps.

Exfoliating Mitt

A sustainable option for your skin to polish your skin. 

Easy to hang use 3 time a week to shed dead skin, promote circulation and smooths skin. 

Full Body Kami glove great for exfoliating dead skin on the entire body except for face

Made from 100% natural viscose fiber


  • Exfoliate 24 hours before.
  • Hair length needs to be a grain of rice, ¼ inch, or at least 2 weeks since you last shaved.
  • Wear comfortable loose clothing to appointment.
  • No stimulants 4 hours before including coffee, alcohol and cigarettes (nicotine).
It sure doesn’t tickle! You probably heard some horror stories but I assure you are in great hands. Remember we’re ripping hair out of a follicle so it can be sore or even a bit tender even after the service. The only way to minimize the “pain” is to exfoliate 24 hours before and after, stay consistent, do not shave in between appointments and listen to your Estheticians recommendations. You may also take a Tylenol an hour before or use Lidocaine cream 15 minutes before.
Yes! Again, you may have more sensitivity and I always recommended coming in 2-3 weeks before delivery not the week of, she sensitive!
I have a wide range of hair removal options for different hair types and skin conditions. My hard wax is from Cirepil which is resin free and hypoallergenic. My soft wax is Canadian from Sharonelle and my Sugar is also Canadian which is 100% natural and sustainable.

Exfoliate 2 days after and continue at least 3 times a week.

for 12-24 hours

  • no sauna, pool, hot tub
  • no sexual activity
  • no touching
  • wear loose comfortable bottoms


Must be done 24 hours prior to appointment.

Cash E-transfer Debit or Credit card. Gratuities must be cash or E-transfer

Gratuities are at your discretion. Generally speaking, a gratuity of 20% is standard for a service well done.


Cash or etransfer preferred 

It is always recommended to rebook when leaving your appointment. I know how difficult it is when having to book 4-6 weeks in advance but it will maintain results. If not, booking 1 week ahead of time will eliminate disappointment.

If you choose to cancel the day of your appointment, you will be charged $20 that goes directly to your Esthetician. We are a small business and do not make any commission when clients decide to no show and when there are cancellations it takes away from my time with other clients appointments. Exceptions like family emergency are waivered.  

Should you arrive 10 minutes late you will be charge $10. If you are more than 15 minutes late, your service may be cancelled in consideration for my next client, your service must still end as scheduled in order to not inconvenience or delay my next client. If you are late please text me ahead of time to give me enough notice.

Providing there is enough time available before the next booking arrives, please feel free to inquire with me and I will always do my best to accommodate additional services!

We have Expanded !